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B00yeah Nichols


Sydney, NSW, Australia

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SmokeScreen Distrotion


B00yeah Nichols

Grey, hazey, cloudy misted thoughts, not certain
if your mind has been tainted by the cruelty of
the backstab of loyalty, cold hearted deception.
Smuldering, smoke, so thick It masks the air,
Zero visibility, optical pain, ache, can't see
a thing, in the infinately honest mirror reflection.
Walk, move with caution, blindly, with your eyes
guidance, through this smog pol-uted land taken
straight from a nightmare.
You never know, think, you have no idea of the
path on which your treading, or the danger i
sense, lurking, it's near.
cleverly disguised, in grey, camoflauged.
There may-be boobytraps, an ambush ahead,
set by some prehistoric serpant, survived
thousands of years on instinct,
so if you don't use yours, you may end up
Or maybe by a mythological, carnivorous, strange
breed of animal, like the pheonix, body of a loin,
the king of the jungle, head of an eagle, majestic
bird of prey.
>From an era when St George combed the forest insearch
of a dragon to slay.
When the country had knights, castles, ruled by an
honourable king.
Soldiers and the court jester's gather around a
hungry Bard, in return for food a song he will sing.
With a lute in his hand, he strums, voicing his
sweet lyrics, they're sung from the heart.
off in the distance, is the clattering sound
of a lord's horse galloping, whilst towing a cart.
Trying to escape the dangers of medi-evil villans and
Barbarick attack, from a NeAndertholic lowlife with
a sword sheathed on his back.
Looting villages, seizing things of beauty and value,
Using his muscular strength and violent threats
to make people's lives look sad and worthless
But come judgement day he'll cry and beg mercy
for the crimes he regrets.
So as you now see, The point that I've made clear.
Is that beyond this thick smokescreen,
Is unforseeable danger, and unimaginable
creatures that you'll learn to fear.