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Ilongo Fritz Ngale


Yaounde, Cameroon

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Ilongo Fritz Ngale

The essence is freedom
But the torn pieces have cried out for so long in pain,
Victims of brutal warlords
Lording it over bodies and souls
Deaf to the word of love
Dealing out death blows
That nearly killed the glow of life
Making all for a time
To believe it was all over.
The worst in the masses was invoked
The dark face merciless
Became the bloodthirsty god
Amputating minds and bodies
Into hideous relics of the age of terror,
Page of the beast unleashed
Written in thick blood
Ink of the dark brood.
Conscience was nearly slain
In the school rooms grooming killers
Causing healers to flee
Leaving vacuum in which blood bath raged,
Casting aura of woe over country so fair
Sending the river of light underground
For above,all was blighted
In the game of destructive ethos ruthless.
At long last even the gory impulse gets to anti climax
Jerking and twisting in its dying throes
Last kicks of the devil's dance
Giving a chance to peace,
Permitting the exiled pieces to come together
To fast out the killing impulse
And resume the healing song,
Tilling the stone hard hearts
To unearth the golden dawn of love,
Only ray on which the new day can reappear,
For Liberia to write a glittering page in world history,
Following stories of hairraising bestiality.