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Lindsay Newall


Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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Fall Angel


Lindsay Newall

A gentle breeze, a gust of wind,
It blows the leaves aside.
Its power is so majestic,
The rushing river's bride.

Surrounded by such splendour
My mind should just be on
The beauty that surrounds me,
In the hills and then beyond.

And yet I find that somehow
My thoughts are not quite here.
Iam thinking of the feeling
That I get when you are near.

The feeling when I see your face,
Or when you say my name.
I know I'm feeling love for you,
I hope you feel the same.

Yeah, maybe I'm deluded,
A dreamer, hey, who knows?
But you'll remain my everything,
My glistening morning rose.

A Selection of Limericks


Lindsay Newall

"I really don't know why I came.
Wasting food really seems quite a shame.
But, despite being good
At the tasting of food,
Calf brains just isn't the same."

A peckish young man from Bombay,
Who was walking down main street one day,
Put his thumb up his nose,
And the kids shouted "Grose!"
So they killed him and stuffed him with hay.

There was a young laky in courtin',
Engaged to a fellow named Houghton.
When asked why she was,
She replied "Just because
Young Houghton makes Courtin' quite sportin'!"

The Proud Lost


Lindsay Newall

He looks again, his eyes burrowing
Through her brain, his glare seems to
The back of her skull, jolts her back to reality.

She knows not what he sees in her,
Wonders what that look is meant to say,
He treats her poorly, yet seems to cry out for her help

Constantly, he holds the rope,
The pit of his own failure gaping below his dangling feet,
Embarrassment and shame his only


They stand up to him like others would not dare.
She knows only too well the darker side,
The side of bitterness.

But demise and failure choose not with prejudice,
Undaunted by character and foolish pride,
The mask of anger which hides a thousand hurts.

Those they destroy see not the ensuing darkness
Until they are swallowed by the hole,
That ever-present pit of social insecurity.

But, though she sees his cry for help
She knows that answering, responding, will mean
Hours of unrelenting emotional trauma,

So she simply turns back to her meal...