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Raghab Nepal


Chennai, India

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Raghab Nepal

Piles of hoarding and neon signs

Lost me from myself beneath

The skyscrapers where

Crowds of men found a way of life,

And to my disgrace, I lost one.

No one seemed to care

Even the arrival of dawn,

Since the difference in night and day

Were none and still like fools

All loved the joy of being artist

Of the unending drama.

Dollars and pounds, rupees and francs

Love lost existence in the far off ground

Which had sunk so deep that only few fairy tales

Could name, and it 'just seemed Interesting'

To hear the same.

Losing all hope in the polluted air,

I dreamt of beauty I could find in love

Till a sound of coins woke me up

Thrown at me by passer-by

Thinking me to be a beggar,

Calling it to be a token of love.

At last I realized love's existence still remain

But the way of loving has met an unprecedented change.

Friend To Be


Raghab Nepal

When you cover yourself under the veil
Hiding thoughts to your inner soul
And cry the pain which you conceal
Remember there lay this friend to hold.
I know your feelings and your pangs.
So to the thunders I pray for your name,
For your smile, I can renounce this world.
But remember, Raghab be my name.

Raghab Nepal