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A Journey


Jon O. Nelson

They played with the fire
and drank the potions
they flew the blue bird
across the oceans

Having strange dreams
and needing a guide
he called upon life
to be at his side

So with four wheels
he drove on two
He made it to the holy land
where everything was true

He fell to the bottem
and dainted the innocent girl
He drank more potions
till his eyes were a whirl

He sleepson the dirt
as bugs crawl through his eyes
and his blood becomes black
as his guide slowly dies

but as sure as the sun
conquers the night
the guide gives him new eyes
and sees with new sight

Now the dreams have ceased
and he sleeps in black
for the journey is not about leaving
but about coming back.



Jon O. Nelson

and two souls form into one
and three souls form from the
exess energy

laughs and cries on volume
a lineage lives

and our passed on bear their joules
respite the light and escape the cruels

and our bodies build
and minds philosophize
as others are brought into thine eyes
as two more souls



Jon O. Nelson

I sing to the eyes
Amind lies sweeter
alive in the essence of soul
words trap, sound surrounds
I paint pictures with
noise laughter at all
I could be blind and see
and be nothing and feel
through the color of sound
struck down and thrown away
through the power of sound
I could and live through
sound, gorgeous sound