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Mehran Nejati


Isfahan, Iran

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Having YOU!!


Mehran Nejati

Red, blue, green
the true person
overwhom to lean
the story of future
the one I've never seen.
They say it's foggy, they say it's black.
No fear I've got,
findin' YOU in back.
They say it's long, not easy to go.
The heat of YOUR heart,
gives me joy, hope, strengh, and so ...
They say " Take it easy. Let fate decide. "
I'll forget the race,
when I see YOU beside.
I'll forget the things; All the things they said.
To the side of success,
I decide to head.
I believe in fate,
I believe in that,
Yes I do!!
I feel no fear to change that though,
to have YOU,
to have YOU, and JUST TO HAVE YOU.



Mehran Nejati

Have I ever told you how I feel?
I'm so jolous of you friend,
Not for you are younger than me, no!
I did wish I was younger than you though.
I'm so jolous of you friend,
Not for your being an artist, never...
coz having an artist friend is my pleasure.
I'm so jolous of you friend,
Not for your sweet smiles...
Coz I missed them, away from you, miles and miles.
I'm so jolous of you friend,
You have someone like me to think about you,
You have someone like me to stand on your side.
You have someone like me to love you, to care about you and to be looking for your success.
Well, If I had never told these before,
It wasn't coz.......
Hum, you know, the only reason was.....
I rather stop here, and choose the pause!!