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Kenny Neilson


Sarnia, Ontario, CA

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Think Of Our Dad


Kenny Neilson

When we think of a husband whose love and devotion
was bestowed upon his loving bride.
Who was faithful and true to the girl that he married
whom he always did confide.

When we think of a man who worked hard to provide,
who made sure his family and home were secure.
Who was always there to help and encourage,
his abiding love would always endure.

When we think of a father, we think of our Dad,
how loving and gracious was he.
He taught us to live and care for each other,
and seek the best that we ought to be.

When we think of Dad, our thoughts will be focused
on the man who showed us the way.
His compassion and caring for his wife, and his children,
in our hearts these mem'ries will stay.

The Light of the World


Kenny Neilson

If your heart has been broken,
and you feel nobody cares.
Call on Jesus,
he's the answer to your prayers.

If your life has no real meaning,
and you struggle thru each day.
He'll make things right,
'cause he's the light of the world.

Well, you say you're not happy,
and misery is all you see.
Open your eyes, and look to Jesus,
He is waiting to set you free.

If you need a friend to talk to
who can brighten up your day.
Call on Jesus,
he's the truth, the life, the way.

Well, you say that you're lonely,
pain and sorrow's all you know.
Turn your life over to Jesus,
he is waiting to save your soul.

If you want true salvation
then believe in Christ the Lord.
He'll make things right,
'cause he's the light of the world.