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Uche Nduka


Bremen, Germany

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Uche Nduka

each moonrise is a loveletter
to me to you.the words prick
us to a crystal celebration.
initiatory hinges swing toward us.
threshold of ecstacy opens.
the ether becomes us.we are
spellbound by the bliss of
the ear of corn.each moonrise is
our vehicle to the frontier
of our guide
to adhesive joy.the night
knows this.
and the milky dawns of our bodies.



Uche Nduka

to the deadpan rockabilly
to the freewheeling carbon chain
to the puckish coroner
to the deathbed not yet grown up

epiphany is not a foothold
over and over
they uprear an elfking

A Stance


Uche Nduka

in the amber
of his fidgeting
he calls himself a loon

loneliness is a destitute
i must house
and give cheer

i relish to the crust
the clank of residua