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(She is kissing) The Roses


Ashutosh Narhari

"She is the one I am in love with,"
I tell my best friend
But she is not listening
"She is the girl who can make me feel like me,"
"Her eyes are my universe, their shine my life."
"She likes to kiss, with her eyes closed.'
I tell my best friend,
But my best friend is not listening.

I hope that she listens to me,
That she understands me,
That she is the one,
I have been talking about.
But she is not listening,
She is kissing
Kissing the roses
With her eyes closed
Like she likes it
Just two feet away from me
She is kissing the roses
The roses on her grave.

The Dry Death (II)


Ashutosh Narhari

The ambience of the sound
the sound
of thunder
likes the color
color red
of the blood
The dryness embraces
the dead person.
Celebrating a job well done
he smokes a cigar.
drenched in the rain
he is.
But the cigar is dry
and so is the blood.
Is he content
he took all of her life
or becasue
he left a little in her?

So close


Ashutosh Narhari

So close to you,
you were my dream come true,
your eyes were like gold,
sinking into my soul,
your hair, your smell,
your every little detail,
made me love you more and more each day.

But that one fatal day,
as we all can now say,
the end of your beauty,
the end of your everything,
the day you left me,
and the day you died,
not knowing i loved you,
not knowing how i felt,
never being able to whisper in your ear,
never again will i have the chance to tell you those sweet words,
those sweet words that curse my soul for not telling you,
that one thing,
which i was so close to doing,
telling you,
i love you.