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Kristine Nardo


Manila, Philippines

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Like Salad


Kristine Nardo

Wonder if I still got the magic
my poetic sense seems sleeping
on years of facing the norms
and realities of the ordinary
day to day person

I wonder if it could find its way again
A path towards a clearing
Basking in the freshness of the sunlit morning grass
And teeming with agile hope and good thoughts

At times, that is my poetry-
Green and fresh like salad.

A Pause


Kristine Nardo

Hours till dusk,
the rays of the sun seeps through the branches of the tree outside and
finally lies on a brick wall

In my mind I look back at it_
Eternity seems to be locked there.

In the silence of the late night
by my window sill I sat by,

looking outside after a soft rain
the barks of the trees still moist
and the window pane misty

Somewhere, a sound of a drop of water_

i silently wait for the calm assurance
of nothingness outside

feasting on that little pause of the world.



Kristine Nardo

I wonder if I already found myself
College and a job after.
I traveled en route the usual way
Gotten married and a mother.

There is something
about staring back at life. Serenely
There is something about being alone in this kitchen
drinking my morning coffee. Silently.

That something is pleasing
A pause, a break, a little vacation
Savoring the tranquility given for the moment
Far from the mundane world of exertion

The emptiness of the hall
Is filled with still actions
Bursting with unspoken drama
Poised for an immobile art

A bird chirping somewhere
A neighbor’s steady hammering
A distant mellow sound from the radio
the morning sun rays peeping through a gap on the window