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Badri Narayanan


Chennai, India

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Badri Narayanan

this rejuvenation is

like a being out of the egg of ignorance
taking a new look to the world of hope

like a bird opening its wings to try its first flight
freeing itself from gravity of misconceptions

like a flower openings its petals of compassion
receiving light with its electrifying smile

like a morning sun with its resplendant beauty
tearing the clouds of ignorance

like a horizon in union( yoga) of the self
bridging the wisdom of heaven & earth

like a Feb 29th falling on Tuesday, seldom experienced
once in every 28 years, currently my age

like a wave of the sea , falling to rise again
merging with the ocean of love

like a birth of a black hole, full of energy
readying to swallow the divinity of light

like a wick of a lamp , enduring to survive
expecting the obstacles of the wind

like a theory of chaos, unorderly attractive
trusting the unpredictable constituents

like a experience of eternal aliveness, amidst decaying body
dyings its ignorance, and resurrecting in spirit