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Tintd Glassez



& tha lust buildz...

When I saw U standin there/
I got hot jus lookin at tha way u movd/
tha curve of ur body when u bent ovr pickin candlz/
but I dont think U saw me starin/

starin through tha purpl tint of mai glassez/

When U lookd mai way/
tha thought of kissin U by candlight/
reggae music playin low/
Im swayin - lost n tha thought of U/

I saw ur eyez & they saw nto mai soul wif a glance/
a glance through tha purpl tint of mai glassez/
I lic mai lipz/ mouth gone dry/ I smile & U smile too/
Napihedz n lust/ & Im breevin-foggin up/

foggin up tha purpl tint of mai glassez.../

Blow yur mind



Connect wit me/
I'll take you on a mind trip/
provide a natural high/
neva mind tha physical/
I wanna blow yur mind/

Tell you thingz dhat make you hot/
seduce yur thoughtz of lust/
love iz evalastin baby/
whispa sweet nothinz & what not/

Read to you erotic poetry/
somethin to put you n tha mood/
bout tha way you feel to me/
want you to unwind/ tha feelin you exude/
let it blow yur mind/

Touchin you gently/
az tha connection becomez stronga/
lose all space & time/ gazin n yur eyez/
wanna stay n yur mind longa/

Kiss me softly on tha lipz/
tastin tha sweetest nectar/
hold mai hand/ so soft & warm/
suckin gently on finga tipz/
mind blowin experience/ 1st timez charm/

Caressin yur thougtz/ lovin you, I sigh/
itz tha visionz n mai mind/
romantic notionz az you sip tha wine/
mind fuck potion got me high/
hey baby, letitgo, I wanna blow yur mind/