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Parvathi M Nair


Ernakulam, Kerala, India

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I am blind


Parvathi M Nair

Lead me O finger -my light and my guide!
On the wings of darkness do I ride
"Treat me not as a stranger! " To the world I cried
Yet none there was to stand by my side

I am blind, itís true
I canít see like all of you
But I do see, through my fingers though,
The world much better than any of you

I feel the rhythm of nature,
The excitement of an adventure
I do understand the sorrow of a destitute,
And the innocence of a baby so cute

Yet the world narrows its eyes upon me
Their gazes rip through me
And just because my eyes canít see,
I become a stranger to everyone I see

What is blindness, but a moment of inattention on godís part?
What is it, but a detail forgotten by the angels?
Why do I suffer for a fault that is not mine?
Why is the world so unjust?

But I do believe, with all my heart
That one day the world shall open its eyes,
To see my closed ones
And my open heart!