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Miryam Nahar


Wawick, England, UK

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Miryam Nahar

I stood at the window, crying.
But no-one came.
I never saw you rushing.

I stood at the window, waiting.
The birds will come at least.
I never saw you rushing,
Promising me a feast.

I stood at the window, alone.
The birds never came.
No-one ever came.
I never saw you standing, gazing.

I stood at the window, alone.
Every day, all alone.
I never saw you peering.
I never heard you saying,
''Arise My love
My beautiful one, and come with me.''

I stood at the window, cold.
But now, I see you rushing,
You, Jesus, so bold.
Now I see you peering.

Now we are one.
The winter is past,
And the rains are over and gone.

Dance with me, my Love, my Life,
Dance with me The Song Of Life,
The Song Of Love,
In the dawn of each and every moment.

My Mother


Miryam Nahar

Once the rose among the thorns,
You are now the 'Rose beyond the wall'my Mother,
Where now you are walking so tall,
Wise and confident ,
Instead of head bowed down ,so small.

I remember you my Mother,
electric shock treatment,cigarettes and all.
The fire poker which beat you so small.
The shoes that battered and bruised your head to your soul.

The hours, the days, the years that were stolen
By all that destroyed
Your love ,your life, your dance,your smile,
The bride in you, the dancer in you ,
The woman in you,the mother in you,
My Mother.

Joy, once robbed, has now been gained,
Where now you walk so tall,
My Mother.

''The Rose between two thorns.


Miryam Nahar

''The Rose between two thorns.''
Not so my friend.
Remember me, and you will find
What you mean to Love.

Remember me my friend
Next time in the centre of the dance we meet.
Remember the one you called the Rose
Dancing between you two,
those you called the thorns,
Dancing in the rhythm of our feet.

Do you know this Love, my friend?
Look and see.
A Love that transforms,
transforms to the Rose you saw in me.

Two thorns?
You think you are a thorn?

Not so my friend.

Then what?....

Remember me, my friend
And you will find
A Love that will change your mind.
A Love that won't lie to you,
Love that's kind
Love that's pure
Love that's sure.

This Love, it's given to me my friend
Given to me for my very own.
Given to me to share.
If you like, you can have it all
I can easily get some again.

Remember me, my friend, stand and stare
The person that this love comes from
He's got plenty more to spare.

See my friend, your face in my eyes
See my friend, what my Jesus sees.

See, the Rose between two flowers.

''The Rose between two thorns.''

Not so, my friend.