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Karachi, Pakistan

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how i feel



away from u
near to ur heart
its me
ur part !
look at me with love
touch me with care
write a poem on me
put the words left spare
come back in my life
i m waiting for u here .





NO I won't



May be we had a chance, I thought so!
May be you never had that much love, and
May be it got to you, or
May be you had your head up in the air, or
May be in the waves of ocean next your home, and
May be that insignificant Job got to you!

Whatever it was, let me tell you

NO I canít look at you with love
NO I cannot hold your hand, and
Walk on the beach as you once promised,
No you donít deserve all that love,
No I donít like a heartless person like you, Because
You bring no feelings In me, and
NO-- my words are taken,
No I can't spare any feelings for you,
You let it linger and then left
And now I am taken, Yes I am
By a person who deserve all that, which
I once wanted to give you,
No You can't trap me any more
with those promising sweet shiny mails and words
which was empty like you heart, --still
For old feelings sake
I wish you all that you deserve