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Colombo, Sri Lanka

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I fell into a river of dreams
Floating away in the warm water
I didn't want to get out ever
My dreams were embracing me
Holding me close
Loving me the way I wanted to be loved

I didn't the cries of those I left behind
I didn't hear the sighs of those I never met
I saw nothing of the world
Its beauty shut away to my mind
The illusion that wrapped around me
Seemed so much more beautiful

The water flowed around me
And suddenly it covered me
But my silly smile and my hazed over eyes
Couldn't see anything
My mind was closed to all those who called
The waters ran over me
Pushing me down
Down to the depths
The dream that was so beautiful still held me
Its embrace was so loving
that I didn't feel the illusion wrap aound my throat
And pluck out my soul

I lie here on the bottom
Seen by none
No longer dreaming
But living a nightmare...