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Pallavi Murthy


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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I Ran Away


Pallavi Murthy

When I was a child,
Though the punishment in school was quite mild,
I did not finish my homework,
So from the class I ran away.
As I grew, I learnt opportunities are rare,
Your talent with the world you should share,
But I was afraid of peopleís comments,
So from the crowd I ran away.
As I grew older and older,
I started becoming a loner,
Friends in my life were very few,
Coz from friendship too I ran away.
Criticism- A lonerís share,
Too hard for a child to bear,
Frustration and depression got the better of me,
From myself then I ran away.
I needed some sort of distraction,
Hockey then became an attraction,
Barely did I get fame than I had to leave that place,
From my passion I then ran away.
A new place, it was a complete change,
Studies got tougher & the people were strange,
Adjustment became a major hurdle,
Again from people I ran away
A happy life I wanted to lead,
Everyoneís support was of utmost need,
But I felt for my help nobody was there,
Again in despair I ran away.
For a company I turned towards my caring brother,
Who was then at the threshold of moving further,
I underestimated my parents love for me,
So from my family I ran away.
Now life kept growing tougher,
I had to face obstacles that were rougher,
It was time I became serious about a career,
From small happiness of life I ran away.
In journalism I wanted a career,
But they wanted me to become an engineer,
My dreams were shattered; I had to give up,
From my ambition I ran away.
Finally years later I became an engineer,
A job should have made things easier,
But now it was my child I had to take care
Ah!! Now from responsibilities can I run away?

A Journey into my Dreams


Pallavi Murthy

I have seem a chamber,
Starting from Wellington,
Passing through Washington,
Ending at London.
It is the chamber of Passion.

I have seen a spirit,
Starting from Nagaland,
Passing through Thailand,
Ending at New Zealand.
It is the spirit of Brotherhood.

I have heard a voice,
Starting from Singapore,
Passing through Greece,
Ending at Zimbabwe.
It is the voice of Love.

I have heard a song of happiness,
Starting from Brunei,
Passing through Chile,
Ending at Principe.
It is the song of Peace.

But, I have heard a cry,
Starting from United States,
Passing through Russia,
Ending at Iraq.
It is the cry of War.

I have heard a lament of Melancholy,
Starting from Pakistan,
Passing through India,
Ending at China.
It is the lament of Enemity.

Why do we fight?
Only for Competition?
Why is Pakistan and India at war?
Only for Kashmir?
And why a Saddam here and Bush there?

Why canít we be in Peace?
Why canít we live in Love?
Why canít there be Brotherhood?
Why should we bear this Pain?
When Mud is the ultimate Gain.

I have a Dream, a Dream,
To erase the discrimination,
Between religions and countries,
Between castes and all human beings,
To instill the sense of equality.

I have a Dream, a Dream,
To wipe Evils from the society,
To discard Child Labour,
To eliminate Terrorism,
To create a Peaceful World

The day is not far,
For my Dreams to be fulfilled,
All the Countries will Unite,
Peace and Harmony will Triumph,
Weíll all be painted with just one Colour.