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Steve Murray


Kitchener, ON, CA

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Steve Murray

Am I the only one here feeling this way?
When will I be done here?
Time can only say
It won't be today, so try to get some sleep
The wound has not healed but . . .
Maybe in a week
I've tried to let it go
But it won't let go of me
How will I know if my eyes refuse to see
No, I won't laugh
But I refuse to cry like that
Because I'm a man . . .
I'm supposed to be stronger than that
So surround me with saddness
And surround me with misery
Let me live with the heartache
I can handle this, heavy feeling
I'll get past the depression
As if it were never there
Let them come with their questions
I'll pretend like I don't even care



Steve Murray

I fell in love today
And my goldfish died