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Cindy Murphy


St. John's, NF, CA

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Forward Bound


Cindy Murphy

Life is a continuous motion
Daily I must grow
Like a fish swimming upstream
Against the current I must go

If I stop
I cannot stay
No longer forward
Now drawn the other way

One step forward
Two steps back
No more defence
I must attack

There is no pause
No stopping ground
I must continue
Forward bound



Cindy Murphy

I looked in the mirror
A reflection facing me
It was exactly the sight
I expected to see

A reflection of the face
Shows only a part
But the whole is revealed
In the reflection of the heart

When others look at me
What do they see?
Do they see Jesus
Reflected in me?

Look into my heart
I offer no facade
My desire is to be
A reflection of God

A reflection of His love
A reflection of His grace
A reflection that would cause
His love to be embraced

The Journey


Cindy Murphy

For a short time, I roam this earth
A stranger in a foreign land
Who will remember
The deeds wrought by my hand?

This journey is not without purpose
My life has a divine plan
A service to be rendered
Not subject to any man

I choose to give my life away
It is not mine to keep
You are the shepherd
I am but the sheep

I will follow
Wherever You lead
My greatest desire
To fulfill Your need

As a servant of God
I am servant to man
To show them His love
To reveal His plan

I strive to be great
Keeping one truth in mind
The greatest is the one who serves
To get ahead, I walk behind

About Me


Cindy Murphy

This is not really a poem
Just a little info about me
I have a tendency to roam
My face you may never see

If you'd like to get in touch
An email would be fine
I'd like it very much
If you'd drop me a line

The address on this site
Is very out of date
If you want to get it right
Send it here and wait:

For more of my poetry
Photography and art
Or just more of me
Here's the place to start: