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Melinda Murphy


Simi Valley, CA, US

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Melinda Murphy

Confusion is an emotion,
Deep inside the heart.
It brings out your frustration,
And starts tearing you apart.

At the root of my confusion,
Is a single lonely deed.
That set my heart and mind on fire,
And left my soul to bleed.

The best way through confusion,
Is talking to a friend.
Before your own frustration,
Causes your untimely end.

So tell me of your confusion,
Before you fall apart.
Confusion burning in your soul,
Has torn your mind apart.

To prevent your own untimely end,
Simply let me be, your friend.

Too Many Accidents


Melinda Murphy

Too many accidents,
Too many deaths,
What's going on?
The world is a mess.

Friends losing friends,
Young people die.
Too many people,
Are living a lie.

Some people don't die,
They're just put on hold.
Minds turned to children,
But bodies still old.

I try to stop it,
But what can I do?
To stop what is happening,
We must start anew.

How can we do this?
How can we change?
We're losing our friends,
And feeling such pain.

Who has the answer,
To what we must do?
I'll tell you my friends,
I wish that I knew.

Colorful Nights


Melinda Murphy

Purple buffaloes under maroon skies,
Sing lilting lullabies as the moon rises.
And the pinkest of pigs,
Sing softly to the sun,
While the stars shine down on the bluest of seas,
And the black fish below swim slowly by.