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Jeremy Lum Siew Mun


Singapore, Singapore

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My Love


Jeremy Lum Siew Mun

Dedicated to Pamela Phua

My heart leaps up when I behold,
Your eyes upon mine seem to unfold,
Sweet melodies though unsung yet known,
To me, for me and me alone.

I致e to still my trembling heart,
When our lips sealing not to part,
Mine upon yours and yours upon mine,
Beyond the control of Time.

Then I値l lead you by my hand,
Through the glade and the sand,
We値l sail the seven seas,
Together we値l be free.

Down the aisle, we slowly march,
To the music of the Wedding March,
At the altar, we each make a vow,
Lips upon lips, we each seal our vow.

Then back to the sea we値l roam,
The world will be our home,
We値l be in this youthful state,
For we池e beyond Time and Fate.

Upon these lines our love never grows old,
As each reading perpetuates our youthful soul!