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Robert W Mullin


Tickton, Beverley, England, UK

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They Do Not Care


Robert W Mullin

When I was young all were good,
In naivety not yet understood,
No one would cause deliberate harm,
All were filled with love and charm.

In age, I know now God does not care,
He kills and maims in spite of prayer,
Priests and Rulers abuse and kill,
Humanity reflects a corrupt freewill.

While missiles fly in pounding beat,
Glorious music and blinding heat,
The men and children they inspire,
Build mausoleums and to fame aspire.

They do not feel the children’s anguish,
Grieving widows loss of a love they cherish,
Absent limbs and broken minds,
Become proud tokens of a base mankind.

But some will care to fight a battle,
Between the devil and His rabble,
Embracing all in love and beauty,
For the belief in care and love and duty.

In age, I know there is no God to care,
In age, I know part of man does not care,
In age, I know part of man is divine,
Made in the image of a God supine.

September 2012