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Robert W Mullin


Tickton, Beverley, England, UK

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Let No Tear Fall.


Robert W Mullin

In reaching for the stars,let no tear fall,
For unseen ghosts,that memories recall,
Nor let ungodly thoughts apertain,
To haunt the senses and talk in riddles vain.

What a waste if this is all, - a living heaven and hell,
Where imagery is scrambled, never to dispel,
Life fading fast away into meaningless oblivion,
In disjointed dreams for a misguided Solifidian.

In reaching for the stars,let no tear fall,
For this meaningless action,
Is short respite until the reaper comes to call.

Let no tear fall on hallowed ground,
Where saints and sinners abound,
Laying their heads together without a fight.
Where not all their edifices nor oratory will give them any respite.

Submissive acceptance will not change the end,
Their dreams long dead, forgotten, crumble and expend,
Until their pallied skin rots away,
And Maggots have their day.

Let no tear fall in reaching for a star,
For nothing matters except for dreams' achievements,
Slowly dying like a lonely Mizar