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Robert W Mullin


Tickton, Beverley, England, UK

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Rememberance Day


Robert W Mullin

Where is your arm, where is your limb?
Spread across some foreign place,
No longer able to feel the ground,
Or touch a lover's face.

Where are the instigators of war?
Not in battle somewhere far away,
They rest in comfort, safe and warm,
And with their loved ones lay.

They justify in conceited rhetoric,
A life not given in vain,
As politicians wage wars of hate,
Salved by another's pain.

They are forgotten, the dead of war,
But for one day each year,
When statesmen begin their ritual show,
And shed a crocodile tear.

But not all their songs or prayers,
Will justify the act,
So they may forget for another tear,
That death has such an impact.

Never to hear their children's voice,
Or smell a loved ones sweet perfume,
Lost alone on some foreign field,
In a life which will never bloom.

Goodnight brave souls,
Today we remember you,
Tomorrow we will forget,
Until rememberance day,...adieu.