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Nottingham, England, UK

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Loving the Alien



What would you do if you met an alien,?
What would you say if came knocking on your door,?
Would you take him clubing,
Or take him to the pub,
Would you take him to the pictures,
Would you take him to the theatre,
See some shaksphsare on the go,
Would you go flying in a plane,
Across the world,
And back again,
Play some football,
Put him in goal,
Watch him save those shots,
Then have a cup of cha,
To round it off,
Go handglideing,
Go fishing,
Do what yer can,
Weather permiting,
Then when it's dark,
Sit in the park,
Roll a joint,
And let him smoke it,
Sit back,
Chill out,
And let him show you where he lives,
Up in the stars,
Into the great beonyd,

I reckon thats what i'd do,
If i met an alien,
But what would you do??....




I've seen the signs,
I've seen the signs,
I have seen the signs.

Sick of pepole saying,
Boy,it's gotta be like that,
Bored of always wanting to be the man,
Got another plan.

Tired of all their games,
The labels,
The put me downs,
Don't wanna play their game,
Been There,
Won't go back.

As i hit the road,
My lifes changeing,
Am controling my destiny,
Yes, it's is here for me,
As i run towards my own salvation,
Shouting out,
Who i am,
A better man.

I have seen the signs,
Am home,

Reality Bites.



No sleep,
no dreams
And things An't what they used to be,
Do you belive,
Can't you see,
That reality has turned on it's head and bowed down,
Before you,
Well you said,
You did'nt care about what was outside,
So maybe that means you couln't see the things inside,?
Your thoughts,
Well kept,
in your mind,
Yes, Reality Bites......




Now I've got time,time,
So much time,
Running ahead,
Flowing behind,
The seconds tick by,
I feel high,
But belive me people i an't hitting the sky,
Push me,
Pull me,
Do what you will,
But time ticks by for you,
Not me,
cause i've got so much time,
To play around with,
And let you hear my voice,
Coming out of the dark,
Tearing into the light,
Taking eveything i know down,
Then riping it apart,
and yet,
Time still goes on for you,
But not me,
For i have time,time,

only us



Is this only us?
Or just a thing we hide,
Do we even try,
Or do just break down any cry,
No one knows,
and no one really cares,
is this only us,
or just a thing we hide,

Is it only truth?,
Or is it the lies we say,
Can't stop those lies breaking in,
it's a stupid game we play,
shed no more tears,
hide away your sorrow,
Is it only truth?,
Or is it the lies we say.

It's only us
That can change the way we fell,
Only us,
Who have the will to heal,
These wounds,
self made,
There is no choice but to try,
Will it be only us?
Or will we break down,
And cry...