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Jennifer Morton


Lima, Peru

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A Deception!


Jennifer Morton

The mask was beautiful
Dazzling me into thinking it was real.
All I saw was
The subtle words of wisdomžs lips
The breathtaking understanding of its soulžs eyes
The incredible sameness
The comforting differences...

And some shadows lingered
But I pushed them away
The echoes of warnings
That I wouldnžt accept

For the beautiful mask gave me
Briming happiness
Uncontrollable joy
A peek into the unknown...

And then the shadows grew
The echoes made sense
The beautiful mask was no longer

And as the light shined on it
Was that also a mask?
Its ugly darkness confronted me
As the awe passed away, fear took its place
My heart broke when I saw
The contorted shape of hate
My soul cried when it understood
The devious shadows of hipocrisy
My being trembled when I knew
The terrifying realization that behind the mask was

Did I see a shadow of understanding?
Was there a trace of hope after?
Was this horrible spectre a mask as well?

No, no, no

The lack of spirit,
of joy,
of truth,
of honesty,
And all that remained was reality
In a bitter moment I was forced to admit
That what had been, wasnžt real
And what was now, was nothing.