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Tim Morris


Stuttgart, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

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Happiness Comes with a Barcode


Tim Morris

Seems our kids are getting younger,
Force-fed daily shit to spend our money on,
Happiness comes with a barcode,
They won’t know what to miss until that thing’s all gone.

Seems we’ll never be contented,
Unrest, after-all, has always fuelled the flames,
Fire is spreading to the carpet,
If no one puts it out then no one is to blame.

Seems we’re waiting for the answer,
They all know it but they’re all to scared to say,
Throw some money at the problem,
Fan the flames a bit then turn and walk away.

Seems this room is getting smaller,
Got no fire escape, we’re running out of air,
Folk are choking on their money,
They’ve got plenty but they’d rather die than share.