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Tanya Morris


Brockville, ON, CA

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Tanya Morris

Her smile was as bright as a beautiful warm day
Her hair flowed down
Gently caressing her shoulders
The sundress that she wore that day
Complimented her figure
Caressing her body as she walked
Such gentle delicate features
That lit up whenever she smiled or laughed
A twinkle in her eyes
When she was thinking wonderful thoughts

Yes, she was the picture of beauty
A sight to behold
Did I really see her?
Or was she a well-kept secret of my heart
That for a moment my mind allowed me to see

I glance the crowds
But she is nowhere to be seen
Was she ever really there?

Castle In The Sky


Tanya Morris

In a magical land
Beyond the minds eye
There is a wonderful place
A castle in the sky

Happy little bluebirds
Fly happy and free
Children never fall down
When they climb big oak trees

Abuse and neglect
Words not known to this land
Hate and ignorance
Crushed by the makers own hand

No one feels pain
Loved ones never have to leave
The colors of the rainbow
In flowers they are weaved

Water so pure
Food so divine
Treasures beyond your wildest dreams
A rare beauty that boggles the mind

A castle in the sky
What a place that would be
Peace and tranquility
Floating endlessly
Across the breeze

To find this place
Just close your eyes
Drift away to dreamland
Beyond your minds eye

In a magical land not seen by all
I wonder the reason why
Just close your eyes and drift away
To a castle in the sky



Tanya Morris

He pushed me down
My lunch he took
I tried not to cry
When he stole my books

Mom asks about my day
I tell her it was ok
I lay on my bed
And close my eyes
Hoping it will go away

What did I do
To make him so mean
Some times I want to cry
But do not want to make a scene

I wish he could see
How his bullying
Causes me pain
Because of his hatred
My school life
Will never be the same

If you're a bully
Hear my plea
Please have a heart
And don't pick on me

Broken Hearts


Tanya Morris

She stands at the edge of the cliff
Staring out over the vast expanse
Of the deep blue ocean
A cool breeze blowing
As she stares down
At the flower she holds in her hands

Remembering the day
He gave it to her
The smile on his face
The scent of his cologne
The way his hand touched hers
As he offered her the flower

Such a simple gift
But given with all the love
He had in his heart
Seeing his eyes full of pain
As she told him
Things could never work out

He turned his back to her
And walked away
Out of her life he vanished
The flower she kept
As a reminder
Of what would never be

The news came
Not long ago
He died alone
Lying in a hospital bed
His heart having never mended

Now she stands
At the edge of the cliff
Staring down
The dried petals of the rose
Resting in her hands

She steps closer to the edge
Her body trembling
As she holds her hands up
The wind wisking the petals
Into the air
Scattering them
Across the water

Closing her eyes
She takes the final step
Her last thoughts of him
As her delicate body
Sinks into the deep blue ocean
Reuniting with him
In a life that is now theirs

Angel Without Wings


Tanya Morris

Always remember
Mothers are special women
Put on earth by God
To guide, comfort and protect
They are angels without wings

A Pearl Of Wisdom


Tanya Morris

Moments come and go in an instant
Words spoken in anger
Become like dust in the wind
Scattered beyond our reach

We can't hold the wind in our hands
We can't feel a rainbow with our fingers
Neither can we take back our words

No one knows what tommorrow holds
Don't let words spoken in haste
Be the last words another hears

A Child's Eyes


Tanya Morris

When life seems overwhelming
With frustration and strife
For just a moment
Close your eyes
And imagine life
Through the eyes of a child

A Simple Thought


Tanya Morris

Don't take the little things in life for granted
Making mountains out of mole hills
Time is precious
Moments fast and fleeting
Grasp onto each one and treasure it
Don't let it slip out of your hands
To disappear for an eternity

A Secret Life


Tanya Morris

I go about my daily life
Spending time with friends
Living a life
I wish I could shed
No one knowing
The secret I hold within
I look at the calendar
My heart beating wildly
Within my chest
Knowing the time
Is soon approaching

I hop into my car
Driving out of the city
And up into the mountains
Parking the car
Following the tracks
Left in the snow
Knowing he is there
Waiting for me

As the sun begins to sink
Below the horizon
I shed my clothes
Kneeling down as I wait
The full moon
Appearing in the sky
His distinctive how
Sending chills down my spine

I feel my body
As it begins to transform
I lift my face towards the moon
Letting out a howl
Longing for my special one
To come close to me

It is only on those nights
When the moon shines full
That we are able to share
The oneness in our souls

For just a moment
We are as one
Sharing of each other
Till morning light
When I must leave him
Until the next full moon

Armed With Attitude


Tanya Morris

On her head she wears a helmet of stubbornness
Upon her chest she wears the breastplate of coldness
Her feet clad with shoes of boldness
In her right hand
She holds the sword of sharp words
Her left hand holds the shield of mistrust for others
She battles the world
Armed with her attitude
Protecting her heart as it lays broken inside
Broken by those she trusted
Those who tore her world and heart apart
They all say she now has an attitude
But it protects her well

And There Came A Lion


Tanya Morris

The battlefield was her heart
The dragon was her pain and heartache
Ravaging the hills with destruction
Leaving casualties in its path
Lies and deceit are its name
Breathing flames of torment and despair
It's claws of abuse digging deep into the ground

Out of nowhere comes a lion
Her inner strength
Growing stronger by the minute
Determined to stop the dragon in its tracks
Slowly circling its prey
Looking for its weakness
Charging full speed
Sinking its jaws into the jugular of its prey
Fatally wounding it

The lion stands once again
Strong and proud
Bring peace and order
To the once desolate land of her heart
Only the battle scars left behind

Across The Miles


Tanya Morris

As you stand outside on a summers night
Feeling the cool breeze gently caressing your skin
Listen to it as it whispers softly in your ear
Sharing the love I have for you
Telling you how very special you are

My love for you surpasses all words
Surrounding your soul with warmth
I have sent my love and deepest hearts desires
On mother natures wings
Across the miles to you

Road Less Travelled


Tanya Morris

As you come to the crossroads
That appear in every single stage of your life
Don't always take the easy road
The one that's free of strife

The road less travelled may be hard
Pain and heartache around the bend
But it will make you a stronger person
So hang in there my travelling friend

The road is worn
The path is narrow and twisted
But if you take the time
To stop and smell the roses
Nothing good in this life
Will be missed

Along the way
You will meet some friends
They will guide you on your journey
Some going with you to the end

So take the road less travelled
Hold your head up high
One day when this life is over
You will leave this world
To go to a better place
In the sky



Tanya Morris

When your muse
Speaks to me
It becomes like honey
Dripping from your lips

Open the pages
Of my heart
Pour your words
Upon the tablet
Of my soul

Your sensuous ballads
Are like music to my ears
Tugging at my heartstrings
Illuminating the darkness
With rays of moonlit prose

Use your gift
Capture my heart and mind
Enclose it tight
Your pen is your weapon
Disarming my defenses
With dewdrops of romance
Hold me close
I am a slave to your muse

Never releas me
To be without your words
Would be like a pen
Without ink

Innocence Lost


Tanya Morris

Why do you seek to find me now
You sent me away with your cruelty and perversion
Behind bars of insensitivity I sit
Overcome by the darkness
The shadows have become my playground

You cry out that I can no longer be found
Yet you have stolen me from the hearts of your children
Crushing me into a dust that disappeared
With the winds of neglect

You deny knowing me
Yet you are to blame for my extinction
You ask me who I am

My name is innocence



Tanya Morris

Down the stairs
Pass the memories
Along the corridors
OF pain and heartache
Deep in the darkness
Hidden at the bottom
Of your mind
There is a small locked door

Peek in through the bars
You will see him slumbering
He looks so small and helpless
Like a little gremlin
You might become tempted
To unlock the door

He starts off small
But as time passes
He grows hungry
His emerald green eyes glowing
A evil grin crossing his lips
As he devours relationships
Growing larger and larger
Till you can no longer control him
The cute little gremlin
Has turned into a monster

Please put the key
Back in your pocket
Leaving him
To his slumbers
Engrave his name
Upon your heart
That you might not forget
His destructive power

A small inscription
On a plaque beside the door
His name is jealousy



Tanya Morris

I grasp the glass globe
Holding it carefully within my hands
Staring down upon it
I watch all of you
You seem so happy and content
My fingers lightly caressing the smooth glass
A tear trickling down my cheek
As I feel the barrier
That keeps me separate
From being a part of your world

It echoes in my ears
Telling me that I will never fit in
That I am not welcome
So smug in your superficial perfection
Believing the control is yours

A empty look in my eyes
The tears no longer falling
A slight grin crosses my lips
As I slowly let go of the globe
Hearing it smash against the wooden floor
Knowing your world has been broken

How terrible you must feel
To lose everything you worked for
And dreamed of
I whisper
Now you are a part of my world
As I turn and walk away

Upon My Heart


Tanya Morris

Dip your pen
Into the ink of passion
Write your words
Of love and desire
Deep in my heart

Weave your magic
Cast your spell
Pierce my skin
With secret whispers

Carry me away
With passionate prose
Undress me
With sensual touches
Your muse of thoughts
Caressing my body
In places unexplored

Let me experience
Heightened pleasure
By the sweetness
Flowing from your pen
Please baby
Write your words
Across my heart
All night long