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Craig Moorhead


Concord, NC, US

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Mr. Bread: The Pickle Fiend - Part 1


Craig Moorhead

Here is the story of Mr. Bread
Yeast in his body and crust on his head
"He smells kinda moldy," all the kids said
But only when home, safely in bed

'Cause Mr. Bread, he had razor sharp teeth
And Mr. Bread, he had all he could eat
And Mr. Bread, he had a breath like death
And he smelled kinda moldy, all the kids said

"Why such fear?" you must be asking
"Courage and smarts these folks are lacking."
But it all goes back to a rainy day
Late at night, some time in May

The crumbly Mr. Bread was making rounds
The sheriff had locked up the whole darn town
And little Billy lay awake in bed
He knew not to fear this Mr. Bread

There came a tap at the window pane
Too light for stones, too hard for rain
And Billy jumped right out of bed
And opened the window for Mr. Bread

In moments, the fiend was dryly inside
His tongue on his lips, death on his mind
He lured Billy closer with a Glassic Dill
"The young are so trusting and easy to kill!"

So went Bread's motto and now was proved true
As he bit Billy's heart and sucked down some grue
The boy was soon gnarled beyond recognition
And Bread was no longer just superstition

But the sounds of chomping and slurping were loud
And Billy's parents, hearing the sound
Flew from their beds to Billy's room
Only to witness the little boy's doom

Laying their eyes upon Mr. Bread
They realized their precious ten year old was dead
But one thing this mean Bread had never expected
Bill's dad was the sheriff the town had elected

The two locked eyes and traded their hatred
Sheriff Mann drew his gun and Mr. Bread faded
In moments the murderous monster was gone
But this was not over...

The chase was on!