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Ananda Moonasingha


Liverpool, England, UK

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One Woman and Her Dog


Ananda Moonasingha

There was a lassie in Liverpool
A city of more spires than Brighton marina
She lived in a huddled whirlpool
In a pitiful tire mimicking a ballerina

She had a dog, fawn Labrador
Stocky, stout and lively knave
His name was Mickey, and lived by the door
Sharing a broom cupboard in an upstairs cave

Her man didnít carry a gun
Instead she wielded a broom
She sticks bills in dung
Overcrowded the Victorian slum boom

It drips with urine-marks
Gallops up and down the stairs
Turned the front garden into a sewage farm
As if the Modern Tate has opened on the doorstep downstairs

Its legs are like garden claws
Barks and prods up your knees and clothes
Frenziedly aggressive to the resident folks
Oh, what a travesty of a woman and her dog