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Alan Antony Moody


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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12 Lines of Love


Alan Antony Moody

Your dreams burn hotter than the roaring sun
Your smile beams soaring to the stars
In the brokenness of life
In the tears of a lie
Gently the kisses you gave
Tender your touch did wave
At times I could not breath
In your eyes my soul dreamed
If I was lost and in trouble
Your love embalmed me like a bubble
Softly floating lifting high
Bursting in your arms I just cried

A Tribute To You


Alan Antony Moody

Sanctified ripples caress the angelic deliverance.

Tearful nostalgic dreams essenced in remembrance.

Sealed in the tender imprints upon the sand.

Kindness eagerly cherished to withstand.

Quenched the longing consoles the grief.

Sacred transcending spirit lifting high at feet.

Impassioned warmth congregates the deep loss.

A reflective milestone magnanimously drifts across.

Rest the salvation draws the softest slumber.

Grandeur titanic vessel of love voyaging under.

Inner peace sailing with the purpose of a higher tide.

Upsurging romanticism and the longest good-bye.