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N. Mony


Christchurch, NZ

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N. Mony

Prospects, like the paupers payment
There ceases to be will for the
it seems to be taking.
Could discretion be cure to this disease?

perhaps just words of
seems like sunshine on a sunny day
Rain should take the place of rays
sun on shone

should paupers be made to pay..



N. Mony

for he
I mountain became
To move the earthly ends
of every story told.
Relate to me my brother
though growing brings this truth
and time
for that has yet to be
I know the passages of hearing
are beyond any pleasure I consume.
but try, or not
nothing escapes the want.

And the clutching of falling
landing deep, and time
once again
makes escape treacherous



N. Mony

Though wind must touch with violent hand
You prefer to sigh
The patience of you virtue seems silly
next to fake
Compare the facade next to pools of deep,
for riddles often do
Dont try to be the complex dam which water gripes.

The greener fields of adoration,
are often far on sides of
teinted rose.
So take off the glasses for that someone
And clamber from the deep.