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Dave Montizambert


Winnipeg, MB, CA

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A Boy's Dream


Dave Montizambert

Growing up on the streets of winnipeg
I ran into a guy with a wooden leg.
He asked my name, and I replied, "Dave"
He then took my hand and led me to his cave.
The walk was long, the terrain was hard
When he took IT out, I was caught off guard.
"Listen Dave, heres what I want"
He stood up and started to flaunt.
I took one look, and started to drool
This guy's going to let me get him off, what a fool.
Needless to say I finished the job
Took the time needed to polish his knob.
I learned a very important thing that day
It takes a special moment to realize you're gay.
All I ask, no All I need out of life
Is a cave, a wooden legged man, and Definetly no wife.
Oh how I dream of that cave, I know it sounds dumb
But I really miss that wooden leg, deep inside my bum.