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Dante B. Montaņo


Bacolod, Phillipines

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Follow Your Heart


Dante B. Montaņo

Sometimes I wonder why I've got into this place
Never expected nor desired in my early days
But seem my steps someone keeps to guide
Follow your heart and you will find

Sometimes I wonder why my life became this way
My precious ambitions had left me away
But seems someone is much concern of me
Follow your heart and you will see

I wonder why I have to follow my heart
I dont even know where, when and how to start
But when peace rule in every step I make
Then I know, this is the way i've got to take

Follow your and you will never go astray
For that's where the spirit abides and forever stay
Follow your heart
Yes, just follow your heart.

My Only Friend


Dante B. Montaņo

My Only Friend who never leaves me
And who is always there for me
To whom i cry fur help
When I have problems to solve

That i can trust and depend
You and me are best friends
That will never end.

I hope our friendship will last forever;
Never to be broken,
Never to leave one another
And shall be a hero of each other...!!