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Pankaj Mongia


Chandigarh, Punjab, India

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No Reason


Pankaj Mongia

Who said nothing is done
Without a reason.
I live without a reason.
But what if I have no reason
To live?

I may have no reason to live,
But I take pleasure in it.
And isnít that a reason enough
To live?

Leave Me Alone


Pankaj Mongia

At night when nobody is around
And bitter memories hound
I think of the fresh morning

When I wake up in the morn
And find myself forlorn
I think of the bright shining

When fierce winds blow
And I feel very low
I think of my happy

But when someone knocks my door
And I can think no more
I feel myself behind the

So leave me alone
To THINK, laugh and moan
But donít follow me like