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Vusi Moloi


Toronto, Ontario, CA

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Diluted Existence


Vusi Moloi

To degrade like bad cadence
To fail to act in accordance
To lead a diluted existence
Tendencies to disobey the voices
To disaffirm the voice of instinct
To render existence more succinct
Instinct is better than the mind
Instinct is always as divined
Its path never to be confined

Capable of maternal instincts
Unable to defend her precincts
Devoid of the means of defense
Unable to fulfill the innermost
Well-being of the seal diminishing
Predator without fear advancing
To mystify by design of creation
To arrest the fluidity of reason
Like slow-moving molasses betrayed
Contained in barrels of apartheid

The Sangomas


Vusi Moloi

To whittle them down using drones
To terrorize to impound their bones
To ungracefully uncover them
To make them outcast, to break them
To oblivion banishing them
To the periphery pushing them.
Despite attempts to vilify them,
they remain loyal protectors
of sacred traditions and rituals.
They obey without wavering
the high calling of the ancestors,
unmindful of personal deprivation
They are the unshakable Sangomas
The ones to beat the drum of ingoma

To be convocated ithwasa
To follow the drumbeat of ikusasa
To ignite a people’s heartbeat
To feel and massage the pulse
To loyally protect the sacred grounds
To cherish something for descendants
To acknowledge our greatest debt
to the fidelity of the Sangomas
the chosen ones to re-establish tradition
They defend the ancestors without fears
to perpetuate tradition despite jeers