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Quinton Molnar


Saskatoon, SK, CA

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Tell Me...


Quinton Molnar

Eagle fly, high in the sky
Tell me what you see
Is it blue, is it peace
Is it full of misery?

Wild horse run, under the sun
Tell me where you roam
Is it far, is it warm
Is it a place you call home?

Majestic trees, sway in the breeze
Tell me what you know
Are you brave, are you just
Are you all that you show?

Royal star's light, up in heaven at night
Tell me what it's like above
Is it black, is it lonely
Is it full of love?

Ocean's waves, through all the days
Tell me the secrets you keep
Are they dark, are they sad
Are they really that deep?

Moon in the skies, so worldly and wise
Tell me what to do
Should I run, should I fight
Is my life so true?

Beautiful girl, centre my world
Tell me how you feel
Is it love, is it joy
Is any of it for real?

Lonely Star


Quinton Molnar

Hello, lonely star, up in the night sky
Your only friend is the moon
It's your piercing light that catches my eye
The others will join you too soon

A dark and lonely silhouette
On the edge of the dark night
Radiant beams of the crimson sunset
Enhance the beauty of the sight

The northern lights flicker above and away
Your colours dancing to a silent song
I want you to come down here and play
And dance for me all night long

The fragile frost on the trees
And barren fields of pure snow
Look so peaceful and at ease
Bathed in the moonlights white glow

The stars are out now in their place
In the heavens above for all to see
I look up and stare into the space
And wish you were here with me

Night Ship


Quinton Molnar

Out of the night sky the lovely ship landed
Watching and waiting were those who had planned it
There were no witnesses, no one to see
Just the plants, animals, the stars and me
Soon I would become a lunatic branded
Proof was what the sceptics demanded

I couldn't believe what I saw that night
Part of it was awe, most of it fright
In our own little world, no one said a word
I was in shock while the lovely ship purred
Filled with wonder, my heart with delight
"Carefully," I thought, "I must treat it right."

"Come with me," it said with a smile
Anxious and nervous, I admired it's style
"Don't be scared, I've done this before.
Come with me and I'll do it once more."
Part of my mind was still in denial
Could it really all be worthwhile?

"I won't hurt you, I won't do a thing.
Let me show you all the joys I can bring."
So in I went full speed ahead
"You're in my control," was all that it said
Suddenly I felt myself begin falling
While smooth and steady it continued to sing

Then there were some bumps in the ride
And when it happened, I thought I would die
It cut me open, tore me apart
Gently hurt me, and took out my heart
I was returned back to the roadside
Sat down hard, broken, I cried

Fun while it lasted on that short trip
The wonder of it all my mind cannot grip
Away it went through a hidden space hole
Looking to capture another lonely soul
And while my life may rise and dip
I know my heart belongs to that ship.