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Zadar, Croatia

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Identity / Universality



I have a broken thought.
My name is Alone
My ribs cannot bear my soul.

I don't have a father.
My ancestor are of Earth.
They're Universal.

Heavy are my bones
Fastened around my brains,
Filthy cultural waste.

I have a mother.
My mother is a dissolved figure.
She is of lullaby and of predestination;
Designated to be my spectacular one.
I also had a brother.
My brother is god,
With all of his lifeforce violently thickened within his very eyes.

I saw an Independent
With a flaming Universailor
Attached to his

There were once We.
But Universe cracked
He slipped against Our brains,
Drowned into Solidarity.

When moon sets its quarters to erased sun valley,
There we shall stand as One
Shall we? Counting the remaining dusty hours in powder chambers

So I have no father
Nor I'd rather have more
Then my Universal Mother.

Let us knit the Value together.
One more life
Eternity in my same old body
To go.