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Vikas Mohan


Stockholm, Sweden

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Blue Sky and Oranges


Vikas Mohan

It's spring and I am thinking of autumn

It's April and I am thinking of November

But why? You may wonder!

I want oranges, for the sky is blue

Does this makes any sense, to you?

I wonder!

You see, I am from Delhi, capital of India

A city I left eons ago

For the alpine climes of blond'n'blue Sweden

It has been a journey of mixed emotions

Some sweet, some sour

Yet, regrets I have none

I go back to my roots, the city of my birth

When the snow showers Sweden

To enjoy the pleasures of a sweet Indian winter

But, my heart has become sad lately

The winter of Delhi, is not the winter I remember

It has changed! The haze, the smog..and somemore!

The Sun shines, but the sky is not blue

One goes out and comes back with a flue

The friendly neighborhoods have disappeared

I feel like a stranger in the city of my roots

But do I have right to crib? No, I don't!

I belong someplace else, to a land far away

I will indulge in the Nordic spring

The blue sky with a lilting breeze

and a basket full of oranges, that awaits me!

Yes, November is far away

Let me enjoy blooming April

Delhi can wait

'I' is just a shell


Vikas Mohan

The 'I' is just a shell;
hardened by the ways of life,
scarred by the ways of the world.
Ever so possessive,
about it's presence.
Ever so intellectual,
about it's essense.
Eclipsing the innocense of childhood,
thrusting into youth and beyond,
'I' browbeats the heart,
into submission!
An empty shell is what we care for;
carrying a shallow companion,
until the end.
Let the soul, feel freedom;
Let the heart, rejoice!
Let the healing begin,
for the 'I' is capable of,
much more in 'essense'.

Ludicrous Addiction


Vikas Mohan

Up up up it goes,
seeming to touch greater heights;
as always, somewhere there's a lie,
which when caught,
will burst the baloon;
bringing misery to me and you,
someone's greed,
someone's foolishness,
someone's smartness,
drives this beast;
and before culmination
it gorges on everything worth.

Then, one fateful day
it comes crashing down;
breaking our backs
and splittering dreams;
what's this phenomena
that holds us so tight.

Dear friends, dear mourners
it's a ludicrous addiction;
we nowdays suffer from,
the Stock Market!

These parched lands of Deccan


Vikas Mohan

These parched lands, with cracks wide open
Thirsty for water, and yet soaked in blood
The farmer who tills the soil with diligence and persistence
Is taunted relentlessly by the wise nature
That, never ever came forth, any gain from over indulgence!

All the misuse of bygone years
All that 'sweat of the brow'
Mixed with synthetic poison
Will take its toll someday!
As the mother earth spews fire:

Gone is the wealth, disarrayed is the family!
Under mounting debts
The harassed farmer chooses death
These parched lands of Deccan, circa 2004
Oh Dear! Why is it such a drought year?

Today was a remarkable day!


Vikas Mohan

Today was a remarkable day!
I was one with myself
Oblivious of the cacophonies around
And, yet at peace with all sounds
It seemed, I had found an abode
To call my own, just today!

Now I realise, it was within me
All along,
Only if I had heard closely
My inner voice was reaching out to me,
I realised it, in the basking sun
Yes, Today was a remarkable day!

Karmic Dilemma and Sleaze


Vikas Mohan

What a spin of fate!
Here is someone of skin color white
Came to India for spiritual delights
Got mesmerised by gaping admirers all right
Then, took a chance with all her might
As the world of glamor beckoned
she bid the Swami goodbye
While the brown man jumped in delight,
the fair skin glowed naked, in cinematic style!

As sage Forest Gump once said:
"Life is a box of chocolates", but mind you,
you can get the same piece twice!