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Chan Chih Min


Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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Another Country (to Jeff)


Chan Chih Min

Itís a place Iíve never been,
but seen in my dreams:
A momentary glimpse into another country,
alien and distant,
yet strangely familiar. It seemed
to call out to me -
drawing me closer,
and I stole a peek
(when God had turned His back)
into that infinite void
and felt
that sudden, unfathomable loss
and time seemed to

I thought I saw you there.

It was you,
Iím sure. Calling out
to me, drawing me closer,
wanting to fill my loss
with the memory of your presence -
but the memories started to fade
and you began to drift away -
into that other country
and receded into the past
leaving only a
between us.

And so -
I feared Iíd lost
that strange familiarity -
and time
seemed to have filled
that emptiness which separated us

until tonight,

when in my dream
I saw you there again -
alien and distant,
yet strangely familiar -
in that other