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Horst Miethke


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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it seems


Horst Miethke

it seems that life is but a test
to find and claim some happiness
ill equipped,alone,with falsified maps
there is danger ahead
where the parasites lurk
with a net of man made traps
the shark infested waters make it clear
be aware my friend
there is no future here

it seems that learning on its own
can not surpass what can be known
knowledge seems like water
quenching a thirst
seeking wisdom seems like looking
in the right place first
seeing god seems like
an eye seeing itself
being like a god
seems like knowing itself
It's Self

well,...there you are

Pentium 6


Horst Miethke

starting from zero I hope to expand
on the reasons for being and why I was sent
into a jungle of words where everyone is talking
where experts and cheats dictate our walking
on a well trodden path from the oldest ages
with dungeons and dragons and golden cages
where every thought, word,deed and act
have a source, a motive and a ripple effect

in a climate of fear our young are drafted
to be brutalized, trained, poisoned and shafted
by corporate entities plying their creed
for the unwary souls and the things we don't need
for power and glory they slash and we burn
and nothing much changes; they just take it in turn
the magicians of old are alive and at home in our head
through the power of words; written when
the earth was still flat

surrounded by facts at every turn
we are guided by knowledge
but we don't seem to learn
to think that belief is to cope and to hope
that fear won't prevent us from reaching our goal
with hundred percent of one percent
of the tiniest part of the whole

the shepherds will make us tow the line
and take our heads to where the sun don't shine
to rattle the cage is to meet the surprising
and energetic guardians of the event horizon
to escape their miasma we must not attack
but observe them in silence
then slip through the crack
and view from behind
the rulers of mind and of rort
the reason, the fear and the pain
and the nature of thought



Horst Miethke

well past the iris, beyond ornate displays is a line
to pass is to enter a world of another design
cordless extensions, invisible strings
thoughtforms in colour,some with entity rings
logos and hierachy, ishtar command
u f o's, masters and gods guiding hand
tranclucent archetypes,mnemonic tapes
figments of fantasy' transparent shapes
dreamers aplenty,the odd profit seer
fruitcakes and goofballs make perfectly clear
why angels and aliens all whisper to me
Look; to believe is to see

here to give help to sinners and those in the lurch
sell tickets of hope
that salvation is found in the church
a message of love in a language so strange
they feed on your bucks, then ask for your change
clairvoyants, psychics and those
who consult with the cards
numerology,necromancy, astrological charts
tealeaves and future predictions I'd rather forget
I know where they come from
thank god ; I'm smelling a rat

there in the shadows lurk demons and silhouette ghosts
they prey on the unwary travelers, making them hosts
gossamer snares attach and live to exist
by craving attention, indeed whilst feeding on gist
over and over again, with incredible guile
hiding in victims,behind individual style
mind full and driven with oracular bent
laden with facts from beginning to end
in desperate efforts and frantic attempts to be free
I have disparate notions; forget it , its not about me

the minions of shadow retreat before obvious might
in glowing endogenous multi dimensional light
beacons direct the attention; Im now on my own
pillars of strength to support what forever I've known
that derogate ghosts hide in the thoughts of the blind
I know I am right..right out of my mind
I know I and out of my mind

thoughts, sometimes,for some,demand light for the truth
will it be captious babble or all encompassing views?
the question I pose needs an honest answer by you
now then; which is which and who knows who is who?

Deep nugundu


Horst Miethke

well I never thought it was a crime
to live a life on borrowed time
and never move beyond of what seems certain
well I never thought to see that coping
is just another word for hoping
there is time enough before the final curtain
will I say that life has cheated
or will I learn to love and greet it
so what's the point of my endevour
when only Now is here forever

when I looked I saw the sleeper
tortured by the prison keeper's
ghostlike real imaginary threats
when I looked I saw still deeper
evidence of why the sleeper
dare and will not see the monster's head
a war of stealth is fought till death
not knowing friend, or foe, nor test
for ways to catch and skin the cat
inside the prison keepers head
when I looked I saw..

dawn yawn


Horst Miethke

today I will try
to answer how, when and why
and, just to thicken the plot
who,where and what
and indeed,why not

I THOUGHT..and was born
in the fullness of time
I am here, now, as you
and all you've got

another thought accosted me
how can I trust what I can't see
where can I hide to build my defenses
to cope with the unknown
bombarding my senses

a place so secret
that no-one can find
a space so private
littered with mines
with boobytraps and selfdestruct
anyone nearing will surely be mugged
by checkpoint charlie's
well rehearsed lines
and a lifetime of knowledge
backed by armies of fact
make a hell of a mess
on those who react

in a virtual vortex
and tuned for survival
there are rivers to cross
and mountains to climb
I hope we are not
too dead on arrival
for now is the time
to reach our prime.



Horst Miethke

how sharp the woe, how sad the plight
pf one who has so much to bear
how right is he who dims the light
when all seems wrong and nothing fair
it's he who says he really cares
when really he just stands and stares
then acts and lives in his belief
but never sees the clever thief

how smart the foe, how rough the ride
for one who has so much to lose
how clear is he who runs in fright
and hides behind his gospel truth
it's he who says he wants to learn
to free him of his heavy load
who blames the world at every turn
enough to fill..and sink a boat

how real the view, how strong the links
of one who's right to couch in fear
how much is true of what he thinks
day after day, year after year
it's he who knows and never ask
to see his load in birdseye view
his facts and proofs take on the task
to see what's right, to know what's true

he checks his load, the things he bought
he needs them all, just as he thought
for one who thinks in loops and rings
the truth is there .. before he thinks



Horst Miethke

when your life seems a mess
it is always the best
to find the place where you can view
what you embrace.. and -or eschew

open up the panorama
feel the pain, the fear, the drama
hear the noise of thoughts that smothers all
and listen for the silent wake up call

observe how you manage the stream
of selected illusions that seem
to have a life of their own
sustained by memory,the known
together you make a talented team
you may call it reality
I just call it a dream

there are always potent reasons
based on manu fact ured facts
designed to put the fear of life
and the folly in your acts

it's no surprise the way you feel
you gave them their breakfast
now they want you as their meal
you are doing their bidding
just as you thought
and the promise of a smorgasbord



Horst Miethke

our life's an ever present image
in photographic form we see
energy, disguised as matter
from close up to infinity

our life's imaginary image
in topographic form we see
energies that judge and measure
good, bad, normal, pain and pleasure

our life's nearest,dearest image
in pregnant fantasy we see
energies that steal and shatter
our lifes, our loves, our dignity

in our life's rarer imagery
in metaphoric form we see
energies concealed to help us
move to where we want to be

in our life's rarest imagery
in highly abstract form we see
energies,no form, no matter
no time; to be lost is TO BE

in our life's conscious imagery
in holophrastic form we see
energy is all that matters
and how to use it prudently