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Vince Michaud


Drummond, NB, CA

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Vince Michaud

See him on the street
He just passes by
Everyone he meets
Gives him the eye
A man and his dreams
Have not yet met
We don't hear his screams
Even so,we'd soon forget
Grim expression on his face
Once a boy from a broken home
Sees the world as another place
He can't call his own
Considered a broken man
For the life he chose
Does the best he can
Using every trick he knows
Every day,out on the docks
Wondering if it'll ever cease
Hard to get out of the box
Once you've signed the lease
Survives on his own
Plays life by ear
Anywhere is home
Loneliness his only fear
No ties or worries
To hold him down
Not too many stories
Told without a frown
Cast away by society
Because of his past
Alone in a land of plenty
But will it last?