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Tami Meyerdirk


Silver Spring, MD, US

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Tami Meyerdirk

I'm trapped inside
No one hears my cries
We are all stuck in this cage
Full of anger and rage
We fight between ourselves
There is no beauty, no harmony, no bells
Violence is everywhere
Am I the only one who cares
There's a drive by down the street
Kids being shot dealing weed
DC is no longer a nice place to be
Criminals who should be in jail are set free
Race against race
It's all a disgrace
People are being shot for their money
Babies are being killed by their mommies
Sex is now a game
Scoring points, this is so lame
Teen pregnancies are occuring more
They are filling the streets of New York
Abortion is killing the babies
The decision being made with ease
I hear screaming next door
A father calling his own daughter a whore
There are children being abused
With no clothes, no money, no food
Kids are being beaten by their parents
The pain inside is not at all transparent
Neglecting the earth
There will be punishment served
The fate is coming slowly
The world becoming lonely
No one cares about the earth
And all that it is worth
So while others are rolling joints
I stand up to make my point