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In Dreams



Tall, slim and toned
Dark hair, confident stride
Unforgettable eyes:
The man in my dreams
When I close my eyes,
I see us hand in hand
Walking down a deserted beach,
I melt when he smiles at me
His voice sounds like a myriad of angels
His touch like velvet against my skin
I feel so special, even powerful
As he looks up at me on bended knee,
His head rests on my stomach
Arms around my waist,
Time stops, feel like I'm floating,
Floating within his grip,
I look back at our footprints,
His so large, mine so tiny,
Protect me, need me, want me;
He cups my face in his hands,
I feel a warmth unknown to me
Everything seems so right, perfect;
Then he is ripped away from me,
So alone in this now desolate land
Ocean once calm now in a rage
Wind drives sand particles into my eyes,
The water laps at my ankles, welcoming me,
I walk towards the horizon
Not even feeling the coldness envelope me
Not hearing myself begin to choke,
The salty water rushes into my mouth
Filling my lungs, I become a part of the sea.

I feel like I am floating again
Except now I am a lifeless body,
Staring eyes not seeing, but still knowing;
Putrid body now washed up on the beach,
Limbs mangled by powerful, crashing waves,
Bloated, blue tinged and stiff with death,
Bone-white face struck with horror;
Sun constantly beating down,
Drying out and crisping up dead skin,
Blood-red hair matted and messy,
Empty carcass rotting, decomposing;
Wind-driven sand now covers me
It becomes my watery grave,
Unknown in life,
Forgotten in death.