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Sai Kumar Menon


Cochin, Kerala, India

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Homage to the Aged


Sai Kumar Menon

Uncaring are we, in the flush of our prime,
Of venerable Aged, now vulnerable and faded,
Racing through our lives like blinkered steeds,
Oblivious to the neglect of souls now jaded.

Cuddled were we as teeny wee babes,
Those arms now gnarled with passing years,
The clear eyes shining like lustrous pearls,
Now lustreless with cataract and tears.

Forgotten are the days when we were ill,
Soft hands caressing fevered brow,
Long hours of patient, tender vigil,
Wakeful nights of anxious prayer and love.

The beloved voice now quavering and weak,
Wrinkled skin, once soft and tight,
Those valued views no longer we seek,
Lonely Aged fading like twilight.