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Vida Antoniette Fresnosa Mendoza


Las Piņas, Philippines

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Vida Antoniette Fresnosa Mendoza

I walked the streets of Manila_
and I realize,
she need not compete with
the sultry lights of New York
or the passionate paths of Paris.

Manila had her own classic beauty.

Each crooked road held a timeless secret,
each rock had its own name
and every corner had its own story to tell.

she spoke of her days in the sun,
basking in the adulation of those with
streaked hairs and skin colors
far different from her childrens'

She whispered nights filled with fervor
as her lovers came,
wanting her,
ravaging her,
swearing undying love for her

And she sighed in the bustling afternoons,
waiting for the night to begin
and the next day to follow

She risked it all,
Endured the pain and heartache,
because she knew
she needn’t race against time,
she would be unchanged, ageless, lasting,
never alone_

Her stories would keep her company
The myths would leave their legacy
And her children, her lovers,
Would always remember her as_