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Nobody Cares



Dont Cry, no one is there to wipe your tears
All that's left is the perils of fear.
A world of innocence no longer exists
Now is a world where violence lives
There are guns and weapons and women in white veils
There is hunger and poverty, violence and bloodshed.

Her daddy goes to war to become a hero
Comes back home in a white sheet of death
Nobody knows what sacrifices they make.
Nobody cares whose lives were engraved.
Tears of joy and pride are thought to flow from her eyes
But nobody knows how the heart of the little girl cries.
She cries and cries but no one sees
They all think she can survive despite the tragedy
Her mother is saluted and given a praise
No one hears what her heart says
Tears of sadness flow from her eyes
But nobody cares because brave soldiers are meant to die.

Thousands die in tradegies so harsh
They hurt us bad and make us think
But soon are forgotten like all have been
Destiny is blamed as death is inevitable
Today It was their bad luck
Tommorow could be Ours
But nobody cares because life is like that.

A war is the solution they think.
So lets go to War and see who wins
Sadness and perils of Death
Violence and bloodshed that's all we get
Still they feel we must go to war
Its only then they can shine like super stars.
But Nobody cares whose lives will be scarred..

The politics is dirty, they only think of monetary gains
Who makes the maximum is the name of game
Innocent lives are lost because of their petty schemes
Their plans are praised and phone calls of appraisal rings
But Nobody cares about what shame to the world they bring.

No one seems to care or think
They are too busy in their world so bright and pink
They havent lost the ones they luved
They haven't seen what death has brought.
I too am becoming like the ones near me
I feel like this world has now got to me

In a world like this,
Its sad to know that Nobody cares Who dies or lives....