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Scharlie Meeuws


Faringdon, England, UK

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Scharlie Meeuws

No need for lock and key
where I go shadow-less.

Torn into blue my shade,
mangled and frayed,
away from do and don't
I disobeyed.

No trace of the old house,
the winding road, the gate.

I left the world you know,
behind, below;
am now pure energy
in ebb and flow.

I talk to you, my voice
is close to sky and stars,
the wind, the breathing sea.

When you unlock the past,
the scent of memory
will be the key.

For all those years


Scharlie Meeuws

In search for her I walked right through her ghost
feeling the cold around the kitchen table, where
for all those years she read the bible, talked at length
of paradise, god on a throne, how angels sing in heaven
an endless drone of praise. There are no ways
that I can hold a spirit, that will move
as fast as thought or hear the sounds protruding into darkness
from spheres beyond. I found her dying with her spirit gone
but still her flesh was holding on and on..
She’d lost her voice. It dimmed like candle light
I listened to her prayers in the night, although they never came
yet still were sounding in my ear the same, as when
she spoke them at her kitchen table before each meal.
Bless oh Lord our daily bread, bless oh Lord our flesh,
our mind, our doing, our waking, our sleep. What else to bless?
May be the silence, now, her soundless room,
the place where her chair stood, the empty bed.
Do bless it all, oh Lord, she has forsaken you
and lives now with the dead.