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Larrissa L. McNelley


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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Future Eyes


Larrissa L. McNelley

I see it all the time,
at work, in the park, social events
Of holding hands, sweet hello kisses
Hugs, laughing, telling of timeless wishes

I see a couple male and female
boy, girl or man and woman
Black, white, yellow, green
Tall, short, thin or fat

No matter the shape,
size or colour
No matter the race, or distance
It's no different

Its a thing called Love
I see it all the time
I soon hope
That a guy will be mine

To one day do the same
of playing the lovers game
A guy courting a girl, maybe me
You'll soon see how happy we'll be

When the girl walks into the room
The guy is on a high, like wow, Boom
He thinks that's my girl, she's the one
Who makes me feel so good, we have so much fun

I look into her eyes and I see
Our future together
a happy family we could be

A house, picket fence, dog, kids
running around
Our home, our backyard but
Their playground

How sweet life would be
If he just looks into my eyes
so he can see