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J. E. McKinnon


West Long Branch, NJ, US

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J. E. McKinnon

Looking far
Staying close...
I wonder what could be worse.
Not going the distance
Not running away
Or staying here to watch the branches sway.
Feeling so trapped, the walls close in
(It makes me want to go out and sin.)
Run around
And corrupt this town!
I am full of the spirit
that wants to be free.
I want to go out
And just be me.



J. E. McKinnon

I have a little secret
That no one will know.
I have a little secret
I hope it doesn't show.

A friend whispered it to me
Late one sunny day.
I'll take it with me to the grave;
In my heart it will always stay.



J. E. McKinnon

The smell of the fallen leaves
In the autumn air
Makes me smile and takes me back
To the place where
I was a child
And not concerned with
This grown-up world,
Which I found is no myth.
I regress and
Feel like I'm free,
Playing in the life
That's fallen from the tree.